Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Can I be the girl that you met in the coin laundry?

Pants: Fate Clothing c/o Indulge Clothing, Shoes: Rubi Shoes, Jacket: Blurr c/o Dish 

I'm am so so sorry for how long it has been since I last posted. Its been months and the guilt really kicked in tonight. I've been blogging solely on Pretty Dresses in the Laundry since my last post and I have been so busy that I haven't had time to transfer my post over here as well. So much has happened since then, I now have 28 350 followers on that blog and have so many new sponsors, meaning lots of new outfits. To see all of my outfits from my absence, click here.

I felt very Lisa Mitchell today skipping around the laundromat today, hence the title. I’m sorry for the overload of photos, I couldn’t narrow them down any further. At the moment I am taking part in Indulge Clothing’s bloggers competition and received these amazing Fate pants in the mail as a result. After taking these photos and entering them in the competition I have moved through to the next round! They wouldn’t necessarily have been something that I would have chosen for myself, but I am certainly very pleased that they did for me, because I am in love with them and the bohemian air they have. I decided to continue on my journey of bohemian discovery and pair them with my Blurr coat. 

I'll try to keep updating this blog as well, but if I am a little slow and you're missing me, you will be able to find me on Pretty Dresses in the Laundry 


  1. Wow! I love your outfit! Jacket is great :) You are so beautiful, I love your hair, xoxo

  2. Love the blazer!
    Mind to check out my blog?
    Maybe we can follow each other :)

  3. I love this Lisa Mitchell's song!
    And nice outfit by the way :)