Monday, 19 December 2011

Interview with Maja Ravn

Recently Iinterviewed the lovely blogger, Maja Ravn from Copenhagen. The 15 year old has some one of the best blogs and style I have ever seen!
  • What inspired you to start your blog?
It’s hard to say but at the time I started my blog, I’d been reading other blogs and thought I could give something too. So I started it when I was… 13 years? It seems like decades ago and my style was so much different back then. It’s really fun to look back at and see how much I’ve changed.

  • Are you surprised my the success of your blog?
Very! I never thought it would get this big. I am so grateful for it to be where it is now! I praise each and everyone of my followers. Without them, the blog would be nothing. I receive such amazing feedback on the whole thing and it makes me so happy.

  • How would you describe your style?
That’s a thought one! I think I’ll say simple, classic, basic with a twist. I wear a lot of layers and I love mixing materials. The biggest quest for me is to 

  • What is your favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?
Right now it must be a pair of black Acne jeans. I use them so much and they just fit perfectly. Besides them I’d say my classic Chanel bag. It goes with everything, really! Such a classic designer piece immediately spices up even the most basic of outfits!

  • What are you predicting to be in fashion this season?
I’m really bad at trend kind of things. I usually just wear whatever I want - of course affected by trends, because we all are. Trends I like right now are the really, really minimalistic items and fur with knits. Well, that didn’t really answer your question, but…
  • What has been the best experience that has come from your blog?
There’s been so many! Fashionweek, blogger events, being in Stockholm Streetstyle, meeting readers in real life etc. A lot of great moments I’ll never forget, and I can’t chose just one!

  • Where do you get your inspiration for your outfits from?
Many different places - many of my friends have great style. Also girls on the streets of Copenhagen have great style - that’s a really big source f inspiration to me. Blogs and fashion magazines inspire me as well as films and music videos. 

  • Who are your favourite designers?
I would say Acne as the rest of Copenhagen’s teenage girls! Also I love Karl Lagerfeld for his classic silhouettes and becoming cuts!

  • Do you have an advice for any budding fashionistas or bloggers?
Be yourself! Don’t just mechanically follow the hipster idea of a perfect blogger. Do things as
you want to and don’t be afraid to be different and stand out a little. And give yourself time! Your blog will not become big in two days - it takes time! And hey, enjoy the ride, it’s fun!

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